Current Mission: Don’t Have a Baby in a Flood

So I am 38 weeks + 1 day with Little Rabbit.  I had another cervix check last Wednesday and I was dilated 2 cm (!) but not yet effaced. Doctor sent me home with some instructions to have sex, sit on birthing ball, in hopes to progress a little more.

Well that line of reasoning changed fairly rapidly! Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last night, and although I am not in the worst part of the storm path, by any stretch, we are going to be getting days- and days and days- of rain and probable floods. We have a bunch of low lying areas- not directly in front of our house, but around it. I now am trying to rest and relax, and tell her to stay put for at least 4 or 5 days. Mr Upside said he has figured out a route we can take to the hospital, if need be, that avoids the flood plains, but the general feeling is ominous and daunting. And I know it will only get worse.

We’re lucky to be out of the main path of any destruction without a doubt. But the timing isn’t great, as I approach 100% full term. On one hand, I want to progress so that induction is easier- but it’s a balance of making sure she doesn’t come TOO early and cause issues in this weather.

There’s always something!

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