Induction Discussion

I am 37 weeks + 2 days with Little Rabbit. We had our last sonogram last week, and she is measuring ahead in most places, but namely, her head. It is 99th percentile (it has been for a while) and while she is a good girl, head-down, there are concerns about my body being able to deliver her naturally. (By naturally I mean vaginally). I don’t exactly have wide birthing hips. I’m a really petite person and there’s been discussion about what to do to avoid a c-section.

So, they scheduled an appointment for an induction on September 4— if she doesn’t come earlier. I would go in the evening of the 3rd to take cervidil and sleep in the hospital. Then, 12 hours later, assuming everything goes to plan, I would start pitocin and get the show on the road.

Given that my due date is September 8, it’s not a lot of difference- but they didnt want me to go past my due date, and this was the time that worked out with the hospital I guess.

In order to avoid a high likelihood of a c-section, I’d have to be at least 2 cm dilated. When my doctor checked me last week I was 1.5!!! So I am feeling hopeful I will be in a position where I get to 2. Still, though, there is no guarantee I won’t need a c-section. And I am okay with that. I’m honestly less scared of a c-section than I am a long, painful labor where I don’t progress.

It’s hard to believe we are at this point. Two more weeks. I cannot wait to meet you, little girl.

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4 thoughts on “Induction Discussion

  1. How exciting! Not long to go now 🙂 Long walks to get that last 0.5cms! I wasn’t dilated at all at 41 weeks and barely effaced, so I chose to go c-section rather than induction (which likely would have failed anyway, especially after the gel did nothing). I hope your induction goes smoothly and you can avoid a section but if you have to, just know you’ll be okay. Enjoy those newborn snuggles to the max!


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