35 Weeks + 2 Days: Slowing Down, Speeding Up

In a few days I will officially reach the milestone of being 9 months pregnant. The past few weeks have definitely felt tougher than the ones before. My belly is so gigantic now, taking up a large percent of my overall body!

Some things are slowing down while others are speeding up. I now go in to see my OB every week! Which feels crazy after waiting a month between appointments up until now. We got to see Little Rabbit on Friday and she turned her head to give us a cute but creepy darth vader sonogram photo 😉 She is head-down, estimated to be about 5 lbs 12 oz. That is the size of a real baby!

My digestion seems to have slowed even more than prior months. My heartburn has picked up like crazy because of it. I am moving slower too, because it takes so much out of me.

Work, however, is not slowing down. I am on massive deadlines to finish 2 major projects before my little girl makes her entrance. Its getting harder and harder but I know I can do it. Then I get a 3 month “break” to spend with my new family.

My 36 week appt will involve a cervix check- so I guess I’ll see how low she is and if I have dilated at all. Often I hope for her to come a week or two early; then I think about my work and realize- that may not be enough time!

Home stretch, either way….

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