Current Mission: Don’t Have a Baby in a Flood

So I am 38 weeks + 1 day with Little Rabbit.  I had another cervix check last Wednesday and I was dilated 2 cm (!) but not yet effaced. Doctor sent me home with some instructions to have sex, sit on birthing ball, in hopes to progress a little more.

Well that line of reasoning changed fairly rapidly! Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last night, and although I am not in the worst part of the storm path, by any stretch, we are going to be getting days- and days and days- of rain and probable floods. We have a bunch of low lying areas- not directly in front of our house, but around it. I now am trying to rest and relax, and tell her to stay put for at least 4 or 5 days. Mr Upside said he has figured out a route we can take to the hospital, if need be, that avoids the flood plains, but the general feeling is ominous and daunting. And I know it will only get worse.

We’re lucky to be out of the main path of any destruction without a doubt. But the timing isn’t great, as I approach 100% full term. On one hand, I want to progress so that induction is easier- but it’s a balance of making sure she doesn’t come TOO early and cause issues in this weather.

There’s always something!

Induction Discussion

I am 37 weeks + 2 days with Little Rabbit. We had our last sonogram last week, and she is measuring ahead in most places, but namely, her head. It is 99th percentile (it has been for a while) and while she is a good girl, head-down, there are concerns about my body being able to deliver her naturally. (By naturally I mean vaginally). I don’t exactly have wide birthing hips. I’m a really petite person and there’s been discussion about what to do to avoid a c-section.

So, they scheduled an appointment for an induction on September 4— if she doesn’t come earlier. I would go in the evening of the 3rd to take cervidil and sleep in the hospital. Then, 12 hours later, assuming everything goes to plan, I would start pitocin and get the show on the road.

Given that my due date is September 8, it’s not a lot of difference- but they didnt want me to go past my due date, and this was the time that worked out with the hospital I guess.

In order to avoid a high likelihood of a c-section, I’d have to be at least 2 cm dilated. When my doctor checked me last week I was 1.5!!! So I am feeling hopeful I will be in a position where I get to 2. Still, though, there is no guarantee I won’t need a c-section. And I am okay with that. I’m honestly less scared of a c-section than I am a long, painful labor where I don’t progress.

It’s hard to believe we are at this point. Two more weeks. I cannot wait to meet you, little girl.

35 Weeks + 2 Days: Slowing Down, Speeding Up

In a few days I will officially reach the milestone of being 9 months pregnant. The past few weeks have definitely felt tougher than the ones before. My belly is so gigantic now, taking up a large percent of my overall body!

Some things are slowing down while others are speeding up. I now go in to see my OB every week! Which feels crazy after waiting a month between appointments up until now. We got to see Little Rabbit on Friday and she turned her head to give us a cute but creepy darth vader sonogram photo 😉 She is head-down, estimated to be about 5 lbs 12 oz. That is the size of a real baby!

My digestion seems to have slowed even more than prior months. My heartburn has picked up like crazy because of it. I am moving slower too, because it takes so much out of me.

Work, however, is not slowing down. I am on massive deadlines to finish 2 major projects before my little girl makes her entrance. Its getting harder and harder but I know I can do it. Then I get a 3 month “break” to spend with my new family.

My 36 week appt will involve a cervix check- so I guess I’ll see how low she is and if I have dilated at all. Often I hope for her to come a week or two early; then I think about my work and realize- that may not be enough time!

Home stretch, either way….