32 Weeks and a Baby Shower

I’m currently 32 weeks + 4 days with Little Rabbit. My belly is bigger and bigger by the minute, work is nuts, and I’m starting to feel more fatigue settle in. Getting up once I’ve relaxed on the couch is HARD!

Last weekend we had 2 baby showers. The first was girls-only and was hosted by my mom’s friends. It was really sweet of them- they made some potluck brunch, we played a game, and they were so generous with gifts. Later on that evening, we had our main baby shower- a couple’s one, hosted by our friends. The main pic here is me, swinging at a piñata and everyone else staying far far back 🙂

Last week we had our 32 week scan- and everything looked good! She is head-down which is great, and about 42nd percentile. My fasting glucose was 12 points lower than the previous reading, which means my GD diet, even when its annoying, is really working. I was so thrilled to hear that!

Things are getting real now- really real. We have the vast majority of our baby gear, we’ve taken an infant safety class, I got my breast pump, I am trying to rapidly finish (or at least make significant progress on) my work projects– and really, the countdown is on.  I still can’t believe I am here and even though I am still anxious sometimes, I could not be more grateful.

Less than 8 weeks to go…