Glucose Failure: She’s Sweet Enough Already

Well, I failed my 1 hour glucose test. Not by a few points, but by 40 points. My fasting glucose was about 92, which is on the high side, and my levels after drinking that nasty orange sludge was 180. What’s more is that my OB doesn’t do 3 hour tests- she believes that if you fail the first one, your body isn’t tolerating glucose well enough to drink more of the sugar for 3 hours. So she treats you as if you have gestational diabetes.

Honestly? I was really upset about it Monday and yesterday morning. I felt like a total failure, I felt pissed off, I felt like I let Little Rabbit down, I felt like…how is it that I’m a petite person, who has gained 21 lbs so far, and I fail, but there are people who gain 75 lbs in their pregnancies and they pass???

I’ve settled down a bit: it’s not my fault. I’m not doing anything “wrong” for Little Rabbit. It’s just the way my placenta is interacting with my body.

That doesn’t mean I’m happy about it. I’m really disappointed. I worry about the complications- for me and for my baby. I read things online that tell me I have a 7 fold increased likelihood of developing diabetes in my life. I read things like baby girl could have hypoglycemia when she is born, which is dangerous, or have lifelong metabolism problems. I know that most of the risk comes when GD is uncontrolled, but I still hate to think I’m risker than I was a month ago.

So, no cookies, cake, ice cream, fruit juice, honey, syrup, cereal, jam- etc- for me. I have to cut back on my fruit. I have to cut back on my carbs. I am supposed to be eating more meat (which is weird to me)- beef and pork are on the OK list but granola is not! Like, this totally flies in the face of how I typically eat in general.

I even went to the gym today. It’s too hot already to walk outside, so I spent some time on the treadmill and with small weights. It’s not what I want to be doing when my body is so big and uncomfortable, but I feel too guilty not trying it out.

My next appt is in 3 weeks- and I have to come fasting to get another blood draw. Hoping I can stick to this diet and when I go back in, I won’t need insulin (just such a bizarre thought).

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8 thoughts on “Glucose Failure: She’s Sweet Enough Already

  1. That is weird as in Australia, my OBGYN doesn’t do 1 hour tests because she says they aren’t accurate enough and too many people fail who don’t have GD. But couldn’t hurt to be careful though!

    My SIL had GD for 2 pregnancies but not the 3rd, weird! I am sure you will manage fine 🙂 not too much longer to go!


    1. I have heard that from other people as well! I know plenty of people who have failed the 1 hour and passed the 3. But you’re right– its more of a challenge, but it can’t hurt to change my diet some.

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  2. Ugh. Well, I wouldn’t worry about lifetime risks of stuff – there’s nothing you can do about that other than what you’re already doing.
    But man, that’s frustrating! Good luck for the next one and hopefully you don’t need the insulin!


  3. I had it too. It is no fun. And so unfair when you have done so well. There is NOTHING you have done wrong. Life is just dumb and unfair sometimes and those people sucking down 2 Big Gulp slurpees will be fine while we eat fruits and veggies and whole grains and minimize our weight gain have this happen.

    You and Rabbit will be just fine! I worry about the future for Baby Bach and I too. But… gotta get through today first! And then we can get through tomorrow!

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    1. Sorry to hear you went through it too- its no super pleasant, but I also think its totally surmountable. Getting through today is certainly at the top of my list 🙂


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