Back Pain at 22 Weeks + 4

I’m 22w4d as of this morning. That’s 56.4% of the way through pregnancy! I love seeing any number that indicates I’m the majority of the way through, and closer to meeting my daughter. I still struggle with worries on some days, but I am trying to embrace my good fortune.

Two changes have happened in the past 10 days or so:

  1. I. Am. Ravenous. Like, I thought I was hungry before, but NEVER like this. It happened almost overnight, honestly. Like– I eat on a pretty set schedule, and I tend to know when I will be hungry– but last week, things got crazy. I found myself out at a meeting and had my blood sugar crash. I had to go home, eat a bunch of food and lie down to get myself back to normal. I find that I have to eat constantly- small meals- to make sure I feel okay.
  2. Lower back pain. So, I have 2 back issues that have been diagnosed since I was about 11 or 12– scoliosis and kyphosis. I had a back brace in middle school, which was great and fun and cool. Also, I am naturally a very petite person and any additional weight on my belly really strains my lower back. 11 or 12 extra lbs concentrated on my stomach is very noticeable and I am struggling with standing for periods of time. I bought a giant body pillow that has alleviated about 50% of it but not 100%.

ALL of this is worth it for my Little Rabbit. A thousand times worth it!

8 days until our next appointment. I will definitely update after that. It is a really big one.  Send good vibes LR is measuring perfectly and has all her essentials <3.

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2 thoughts on “Back Pain at 22 Weeks + 4

  1. I also have scoliosis and kyphosis and wore a back brace as an adolescent. My back hurt during pregnancy too.
    On a side note, I met with the anesthesiologist at the hospital prior to delivery for a consult bc of those conditions. I waited until pretty last minute to tell my OB about them, and then it was a bunch of running around to get it done. They wanted to see my spine ahead of time to make sure my curve wouldnt interfere with an epidural or spinal should I need them. Not sure if you have an upper or lower curve (mine is severe, but upper which is easier in this case). It might be worth looking into for peace of mind!
    I ended up getting an epi and they got it in on the 2nd try.


    1. Thank you for the advice! I have worried about my ability to get epi as well. My back is like an S so curve at top and bottom, but I believe the top is more severe than the bottom. I plan to bring this up next week at my appt.

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