International Women’s Day and Pregnancy Brain

Happy International Women’s Day to everyone! I am thrilled, honored and grateful to be carrying a member of the next generation of women who will be strong, invested, thoughtful, active and successful. I just know it! I posted a very subtle message about this on my personal Instagram, which is the first mention of my pregnancy I have made on any social media accounts. I still won’t be announcing on Facebook, because there are just so many people on that and I’m not comfortable.

I have been traveling a bunch for work- nowhere too far, but still, trips are exhausting right now- the very very tail end of my 1st trimester. By Friday, I will be 14 weeks, which is considered 2nd trimester by all sources. Some consider 12 weeks 2nd tri- which I am past by now- but I wanted to go the more conservative route and wait till 14 to really commit to saying the words I am longing to say “I’m in my 2nd trimester!”

So Monday and Tuesday I traveled for work, and brought my overnight laptop bag. It’s easy because it’s smaller than most carry-ons and I can fit 1 outfit in it + my laptop and charger and toiletries. So yesterday evening I leaving the Dallas office and pack up my bag and fly home- and when I get there I go to unpack and- I DONT HAVE MY LAPTOP.

I left my work computer in the office in another city. Yup.

So I am obviously embarrassed and frustrated with myself and I have to call my boss and be like “uhhh can you overnight my entire computer and token because apparently I have pregnancy brain and am wildly forgetful?”

Oy! Well, there you have it. Pregnancy brain is real. But I am so happy to have it with my little girl over 3 inches now and growing strong ❤

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