15 Weeks 3 Days: She’s all legs!

We had our 16 week appt today, even if I’m technically 15w3d. It went well. I was afraid they wouldn’t do a sonogram because I had heard from other people that their OBs only do them on weeks 12 and 20. But we got one! And Little Rabbit was bouncing around like crazy! In particular she was focused on her legs and showing them off. She kept kicking one out and then the other, like she was doing the can-can. It was adorable.

Last week I had 2 episodes of major dizziness that freaked out me- and I told me OB about them. I went to get my hair cut, and had been wrapped up in a towel and then a smock on top of my clothes- and in the middle of getting my hair snip-snipped, I felt really lightheaded, started getting blurry-eyed and overheating. I had to make my hair dresser stop, bend over so my head was between my legs, and get some water.

My hair dresser threw the smocks off me and then started blowing blasts of cold air down my neck- between that and the cold water, it helped a lot. Then I felt better until he began to blow dry. That heat was too much and I had to make him stop.

It really weirded me out bc it came out of NOWHERE. I wasn’t walking in the heat, or getting up to quickly, or lifting something- or even standing. I¬†was sitting. I lay down for an hour or so when I got home and seemed to feel better.

I told my OB this morning and she said it sounded normal- that sometimes the way you are positioned, your uterus puts pressure on certain areas that can lead to low blood pressure. She said it would probably happen again and that the most important thing to do was to make sure I could sit down, so I wouldn’t fall.

Anyway, as we were leaving my OB let us know she wants to see us back at 20 weeks- which I expected- and said “oh yeah, for the anatomy scan!” Well, turns out I’m wrong. Turns out my OB does anatomy scans at 24 weeks instead of 20! I was sorta shocked. At week 20 I just get a nurse’s check-up and then I have to wait another 4 weeks to get everything measured. For someone with a lot of anxiety and short on patience, that is TOUGH- to know I have to wait 2 months from now. But if thats the way she does it, then that’s all I can do.

I am off traveling for work all this week starting tomorrow. I am a little nervous about the flight because it’s a bit longer than my usual work trips, I hate flying, and my need to urinate is worse than ever! Send some good vibes in the sky to me and L.R. tomorrow ūüôā




International Women’s Day and Pregnancy Brain

Happy International Women’s Day to everyone! I am thrilled, honored and grateful to be carrying a member of the next generation of women who will be strong, invested, thoughtful, active and successful. I just know it! I posted a very subtle message about this on my personal Instagram, which is the first mention of my pregnancy I have made on any social media accounts. I still won’t be announcing on Facebook, because there are just so many people on that and I’m not comfortable.

I have been traveling a bunch for work- nowhere too far, but still, trips are exhausting right now- the very very tail end of my 1st trimester. By Friday, I will be 14 weeks, which is considered 2nd trimester by all sources. Some consider 12 weeks 2nd tri- which I am past by now- but I wanted to go the more conservative route and wait till 14 to really commit to saying the words I am longing to say “I’m in my 2nd trimester!”

So Monday and Tuesday I traveled for work, and brought my overnight laptop bag. It’s easy because it’s smaller than most carry-ons and I can fit 1 outfit in it + my laptop and charger and toiletries. So yesterday evening I¬†leaving the Dallas office and pack up my bag and fly home- and when I get there I go to unpack and- I DONT HAVE MY LAPTOP.

I left my work computer in the office in another city. Yup.

So I am obviously embarrassed and frustrated with myself and I have to call my boss and be like “uhhh can you overnight my entire computer and token because apparently I have pregnancy brain and am wildly forgetful?”

Oy! Well, there you have it. Pregnancy brain is real. But I am so happy to have it with my little girl over 3 inches now and growing strong ‚̧

Harmony Results!

Wow, what a whirlwind this day has been! An early meeting, then coming back home to work- but I hardly got anything done. See, I had a hope we would get our Harmony test results on chromosomes and gender today.

I got my blood drawn a week ago and they said results would take up to 7¬†business days. But I am traveling next week- and so Mr Upside and I wouldn’t be together to find out the info.

Anyway, so I called my nurse around 2 pm and left a message. They call you back in order of what they determine to be priority, and obviously my call is not related to a health issue, so I figured I may have to wait. Well, wait I did…and did…

Finally a lovely woman called me back around 3:45 to tell me she had JUST picked up my results off the printer- they weren’t even noted in my patient file yet.

I asked her to please not read them but to load them into my portal so we could check together.

Well, we got the best news ever…risk for all 3 Trisomies is 1/10,0000. And it’s…