FET: On for Tuesday

I had my lining check and my progesterone labs done yesterday. My lining is still beautiful (it has historically never been an issue) and is at 11.9! My progesterone is low, too, at 0.4, so we are all set to go for Tuesday.

It almost didnt happen, due to an incredibly dumb mistake at my clinic. My nurse wrote that there were 31 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER, thereby creating a nonexistent day for me to take my progesterone. Had that happened, I wouldn’t have been able to transfer on Tues, and since I moved my work schedule around it, I realize that there was a possibility I would have to cancel. So that was RIDICULOUS, but it got fixed. I am still on for the 4th, like I had expected to be.

So anyway, it’s all happening.

Which is a weird feeling.

I haven’t even tried to get pregnant in a while- not since June and my July 4th period that came early. Since then everything has been gearing up for IVF and FET. So I haven’t so much as thought about pregnancy tests and all that hell in a few months. I can’t say I am looking forward to that stress all over again.

Yet I am hopeful. There certainly is a possibility that I will be pregnant- a good one. Better than half, they say, with PGS testing.I want to have a positive attitude while still maintaining a safe distance so that I don’t fall wildly from high hopes. The 2WW (or, in this case, more like the 10 day wait?) will be excruciating.


Anyway I am off for the weekend. Then I am taking a half day Monday for a spa day and then of course a half day Tues. I still don’t have my appt time, but I am sure I will be able to work around it.



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10 thoughts on “FET: On for Tuesday

  1. I am so excited and optimistic for you! I know you are trying to be cautious, but I am full on hopeful for you guys!!!

    So… The TWW has kind of began already then? I can’t wait! I bet you can’t either!


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