So, I pushed my RE to test me for MTHFR. He did not want to at all. But, he acquiesced…

Turns out, I am compound heterozygous for the mutation. Meaning I have 1 copy of the mutation on 2 different genes. I am totally unaware of what else this is supposed to mean.

My RE basically said to take baby aspirin. And he gave me a referral to a hematologist. So, he went from not caring at ALL to actually giving me next steps.

The funny thing is, my pushiness got my friend interested too. She just got her results back…and she is homozygous (!)

How common is this? What does it affect?

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11 thoughts on “#MICROBLOGMONDAYS: MTHFR and Other Curses

  1. I am also a carrier for hetero MTHFR like you. I saw a hematologist for it too. This is my 4th pregnancy and we found out after my second loss. The hematologist recommended I go on lovenox for my 3rd transfer/pregnancy. My RE and OB were not sold on it since I wasnt homo for it. If I had been homo, they would have been totally for it. Anyways, long story short, I went on it as hematologist recommended (along with Folgard) and I still lost that pregnancy. The baby tested genetically normal which made it even harder to understand. Fast forward to the current time, I chose not to be on it this 4th pregnancy. I did only the Folgard. So far this has been a good decision as we are almost into the 3rd tri. I guess there are some limited studies out there that show lovenox can actually be detrimental to pregnancy if you do not truly need it. Sorry to be so long winded, I just thought Id share bc I remember how confused I was at the time of my diagnosis. I did blog about it and can find those for you if you need them. Best wishes as always!


  2. OK so my ND is treating me as if I have the MTHFR mutation as we don’t have time to test and wait for results before my next transfer on 10/5.

    The big things she did were:
    a) get me off of standard prenatals which have folic acid (and can negatively affect those with MTHFR) changed me to the Pure Encapsulations brand which has folate in it AND added a 5mthf (folate) supplement by Thorne (both sold on Amazon),
    b) added low dose naltrexone for immunology – 1.5mg daily during the first week and 3mg daily from then on (here is a list of just some of the providers: http://www.ldnresearchtrust.org/LDN_Prescribers), and
    c) added Vitamin D (d-5000 by Thorne, also sold on Amazon).

    And of course as I mentioned on my blog, she switched me to a compounded T4/T3 thyroid medication to get my TSH down to the <2.5 where it should be for pregnant women.

    My RE is against lovenox so I'm basically going through my naturopath who is an ace at the IVF-supportive supplements (yet not in a hippie dippy way, she knows my doctor). I'm considering doing 5 days of baby aspirin just for giggles, as it won't hurt, but from everything I've learned it's upping the folate and getting rid of the folic acid (the latter is synthetic) that is what is primarily done to treat – and doesn't hurt either way 🙂

    Hope this helps!!


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  3. It’s pretty common, and homozygous is more problematic than heterozygous, BUT it does have far reaching effects beyond baby making. Like blood clots from long plane rides or being immobile. It’s a good thing you caught it.

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